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Quotable products

Management of VPS (virtual private servers)

VPS, virtual private servers give your business the security and flexibility of cloud hosting with dedicated servers.

We configure the server according to your requirements offering options such as:

  • Backup of your information and configuration with a space of + 300 GB
  • Versions for Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Data transfer + 25 TB
  • cpanel, interworx services
  • CPU according to your needs

Cloud Hosting Management

We design an architecture so that your website is always available and operating 24 hours a day.

Our options fit your budget:

  • Database design
  • Registration of your domains
  • Hard disk storage packages.

Dedicated servers

Our dedicated servers give you the flexibility of a physical server with cloud attributes.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of our experts makes this solution attractive for your business.

Esta solución te ofrece desde:

  • Interworx services, cpanel
  • 10 TB bandwidth
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 500 GB hard disk in RAID 1 array
  • 8 cores onwards

We simplify the management of IT services, so you can dedicate yourself to your business 100%. With advanced equipment, cutting-edge features and a team of professionals trained to serve you 24/7.

Who we are

Our infrastructure is designed to mitigate all the problems generated by having your own structure and managed by your own resources. We think about your comfort where you only have to host your website and we make everything possible.

With additional benefits such as scheduled backups protecting your data, configurations, recovery processes in record time and 24/7 customer service are a guarantee of success for your company.

Server Cloud Solutions

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